1) Where are you based?
We are Slovenia based, EU.

2) Do you have worldwide shipping and what is the price?
Yes, we have worldwide shipping, please contact us if your country isn’t listed. (Put the
product in the basket and pick your location for correct price).

3) Do you send the spearguns with tax?
Outside EU, we send our spearguns without tax. You’ll have to pay the import duties

4) Do you have dealers worldwide?
Yes. We currently have dealer in Destin (Florida, USA), https://benthicoceansports.com/,
and in the process to have a dealer in Australia.

5) What is the length of your spearguns?
We produce wooden spearguns in two dimensions 100cm and 110 cm (effective lengths),
carbon in 110 cm and blue water in 120cm. Our 100cm is effective on a 118cm barrel,
which comes close to conventional 90s. The effective length of 110 is 128cm total. That is
more power on a shorter barrel.

6) When the Blue Water will be released?
We are planning the release for 2023 hunting season.
What is effective range on 100 speargun and 110?
The tests we did in the pool were up to 7m from the tip, 110 was tested up to 8m with 8mm
shaft successfully.

7) Do you sell the spearguns with full spear bands and reel?
Yes, the gun comes fully equipped and ready to hunt.
Depending on the hunting method, 2 to 3 pairs of bands (16 to 19mm) are mounted; Rob
Allen – Power Blue
• 7.5mm shaft – Pathos sandwick, double barb
• Pulling rope – 1.8mm dyneema (460kg load capacity)
• Reel line cca.70m – 1.8mm dyneema (460kg capacity)
• Reel: Bleutec Maena L
• Mechanism: Bleutec inverse roller

8) From what material is made the green wood a stain color on the spearguns?
The green wood is a fully pigment-impregnated timber and won’t fade in any case. There
are three other wood types in the blocks out of which the Interceptor is machined:
mahogany, teak/iroko and ash tree.
From 2023 onwards, we are replacing the green-impregnated timber with another type,
thus having a total wood block in various shades of brown color.

9) Do you offer wholesale pricing for vendors?
We sell directly to customers. We have a boutique production of highly specialized

10) What is delivery time?
We initiate the production after you order (or make a down payment). The process usually
takes 5-7 weeks.

11) What are the characteristics of the carbon speargun? Is it durable?
It’s a full monocoque made in 10-part aluminum mold. Prepreg autoclave treatment +
epoxy resin filler. Completely sealed body and non-hydroscopic. Practically indestructible
and much stronger body due to multi-profile structure. Capacity to load 3x20mm if

12) Do you use high quality carbon?
Yes, only prepreg and autoclave, aluminum mold. We partner our carbon production with
aircraft and hypercar parts manufacturer, applying same standards.

13) Do you have the ergonomic grip?
The grip is standard and will be possible to change with ergonomic.
We believe there's no similar gun on the global market from the feedback we receive from

14) Is it really worth twice as much as the other gun?
Yes, it is.
– Range and accuracy are admirable for this length and can be compared to much bigger
– Interceptor is constructed to have maneuverability in all directions, not only horizontal as
most rollers do.
– Visibility on the target and very easy handling like no other gun of similar power.
– Durability and reliability with proprietary stopper system like no other.
– The wooden gun is made of 30 laminates of 5 wood species (each having own functional
purpose) out of single wood block that is laminated with 3.5 liters of epoxy resin and cured
for up to two months. There are 6 additional composite fiber layers in the core of the block.
– The complex body structure is made on a 5-axis cnc machine, taking 6.5 hours to
-The gun was constructed to provide optimal working environment for the moving parts,
through which we achieved high optimization of force transmission, thereby increasing
power on the shaft by lowering recoil. That’s why you won’t see any kicker bands on our
This is just some basic facts for you to better understand. In 2022, we also launched the
110 Interceptor made in full monocoque carbon and titanium, with which we set new
standards in carbon fiber spearguns. On this one, we cooperated with prominent hyper car
manufacturer and developed the mold which is produced in aluminum out of 9 parts to be
able to produce it. We use only pre-preg, autoclave technology.

15) How long did you test the carbon prototype speargun?
We tested each prototype during one year (150 hunting days), around 5000 shots, with no
change of any parts. All remain in perfect functionality.