Take your spearfishing experience
to the next level
INTERCEPTOR spearguns are developed to meet the highest demands of spearos,
giving you great range and accuracy in a variety of hunting techniques.
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High quality for an unparalleled experience

This is not just another speargun on the market. INTERCEPTOR spearguns are developed based on a deep understanding of hunting methods and are one of the most comprehensive spearguns on the market. 


Tailored to your preferences

Our goal is to harmonize the speargun with the hunter and provide you with a great hunting experience. Tailored to your preferences, INTERCEPTOR spearguns cover a wide array of hunting techniques, from reef to blue water hunting.


Innovation for better performance

With innovative crafting and design and a dedicated team, we have developed high-quality spearguns that are easy to handle while giving you incredible shooting range and accuracy.




To excel in spearfishing… one has to master the art of balancing among the factors of nature, emotions and technology. Our objective is to solve the technical part of this equation by creating most adequate equipment for the hunter.



Treating our ecosystem with respect is becoming increasingly important. Hunters and fishing enthusiasts are becoming more aware of the need to preserve the habitat. Responsibility for sustainable practices is a shared obligation, and we champion the sport of spearfishing as one of the most sustainable fishing methods.

Our sense of responsibility to promote spearfishing stems from our appreciation of the ethical side of the sport. We play a vital role in the appreciation and preservation of thriving ecosystems. For us, the age-old struggle for survival has great value: we find nobility in the test of a hunter.


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