We are a team of passionate spearfishermen who founded INTERCEPTOR spearguns: Martin, Taras and Gorazd.

Through years of experience in spearfishing, testing and improving various spearguns, we had yet to find a perfect match for us. We always saw the potential for improvement and were always looking for something more to take our hunting experience to the next level. With each new speargun, wanted to achieve better accuracy, better shooting range, simplified handling, clear target visibility and faster reloading.

After a while, the team came to conclusion that the full set of optimizations they needed, required a completely new framework. This led Martin to design a completely unique speargun, which later on made a break-through in the spearfishing world.

The very first optimizations were also tested by Taras, the world record holder in spearfishing. He was very impressed by the well-functioning upgrades, although we knew there was still a lot of room for improvement.

After years of doing so, we realized we could not optimize the existing spearguns to the level we wanted. That’s when we decided to create our own speargun that would meet our desires and highest standards of experienced spearos, not only for our friends and us but for all passionate fish hunters.

We turned to experts and established a network of partner companies to develop the product. When Taras tested our prototype, he was so excited that he joined our team, marking the beginning of our partnership.

Through years of further testing and improving, we achieved our goal and developed a speargun, considered by many spearos, as one of the most complete spearguns ever built. The INTERCEPTOR speargun is designed to become and remain the hunter’s main piece of equipment and to take your hunting experience to a new, higher level.



»The ultimate test of a speargun’s power and accuracy is the ability to land small fish at a great distance.

If the speargun is able to achieve that even with heavier shafts, you will be able to land any fish.«

Martin Pereza, Inventor & CEO


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2017/18 SERIES