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»The ultimate test of a speargun’s power and accuracy is the ability to land small fish at a great distance.

If the speargun is able to achieve that even with heavier shafts, you will be able to land any fish.«


Martin Pereza, Inventor & CEO


The result of the optimized force transmission advocates for even more benefits than the power and recoil optimization, which is the longevity of the spare parts, including bearings, pulley lines and rubber bands.


Through our testing period in most cases, one single setup was able to endure over 1,000 shootings!

2016/17 SERIES

An important factor is the time required to reload the speargun for the next shot. With our newely applied concepts the INTERCEPTOR has the usability and reliabilty of a classic speargun.

2017/18 SERIES

Featured models were tested with two setups:


              Main rubbers 19mm / 2nd band 17.5mm / 7.5mm shaft
             – Main rubbers 19mm / 2nd band 19mm / 8mm shaft


*The INTERCEPTOR is designed to effectively apply a main pair of rubbers plus two additional bands; depending on the hunter’s preferences.