How to improve your spearfishing skills?

Adriatic sea

If you are reading this text, it means that you are already familiar with the world of spearfishing. You are also familiar with the equipment that is needed and you have the experience, but you want more! The most important thing is that we strive for better, so let’s go…

Spearfishing is like “playing a guitar”, don’t expect wonders if you have spearfished  5-6 times.You will not become a top spearfisher in just a few dives, but with each new one, you’ll become more comfortable underwater. The idea that for spearfishing you must have excellent breath-holding skills and that you have to dive deep to catch trophies – is wrong! The most important thing in spearfishing is technique, of course good freediving skills help, but are not crucial. Also, with the modern technique of sneaking (in the Adriatic sea), the catch depends more on the spearfisher than on the fish.

For this reason, we have the INTERCEPTOR spearfishing academy, led by Taras, an experienced spearfisher who will share his techniques, i.e. instruct and practice with you, but you’ll also have the opportunity to hunt with the INTERCEPTOR speargun. The courses are individual, each participant has different prior knowledge and experience in underwater hunting, therefore the course is individual, i.e. it is tailored to each participant. The courses are held in the Adriatic sea.  The approach is friendly, Taras hunts together with the participants, but also after completing the course. Participants almost always become friends with Taras, and are happy to continue hunting with him, socialize and exchange experiences about spearfishing.

Apart from technique, the most important spearfishing tool is the speargun. Is your speargun accurate? What’s its effective range? Do you feel excess recoil when you shoot? Is it heavy and unbalanced in the hand underwater? If you are not satisfied with your speargun, it is INTERCEPTOR spearguns (high end spearguns) that develop spearguns that would meet all the above criteria. Anyone who has shot INTERCEPTOR spearguns once, will never go back.

   Written by: G., Ferbruary 2023.

What if your invert roller speargun shoots left of right and not straight as it should?

1) Check is your shaft straight. We recommend to use the different one to see if there’s any difference. Even though it’s a new shaft, sometimes it can be a mistake in the production.
2) Bearing malfunction: check if the small harken blocks might be damaged or broken in any way, which could cause the friction on either side and asymmetry in the force transmission to the shaft.
3) Shooting line: Every spearo adapts his own way to mount shooting line. The traveling path of the shooting line is very important so it doesn’t snatch between other moving elements (shafts, stoppers, rollers, muzzle). Thus, it might be caused due to interference with the shooting line with those elements if not mounted properly. The shooting line being the main risk factor here. If mounted properly this risk is eliminated.
4) Pulley line: Some spearos have their own way of attaching the pulley line on the gun or on to the sharkfin of the shaft. Ask us for a advise for the correct way of loading the pulley line and attaching it on the shaft.

   Written by: M., March 2023.