We based the development on an in-depth understanding of the hunting methods and our desire for constant improvement. We went the extra mile to maximize the functionality of the INTERCEPTOR anatomy with one objective in mind: »Harmonize the speargun with the hunter

The inverted roller system allows for extremely efficient utilization of the energy through the most uniform stretching path of the rubber bands. We improved the system to achieve a minimal loss of energy and optimal contraction of the rubber bands at the moment of shooting. This is done through our careful design and positioning of the crucial elements that transmit power to the spearshaft. The amount of energy transmitted depends on how well those elements interact and our focus on efficiency brings them together as one unit.

The outcome is a smooth and more powerful shot with less recoil.

The advanced design requires 5-axis CNC machining in order to apply all concepts to a complete monocoque structure. The epoxy-impregnated block enters a 6-hour treatment phase…

…this is the beginning in the creation of the INTERCEPTOR

The design of the INTERCEPTOR sprouted from focusing on optimising the pulleys and rubber bands action. The new profile was shaped to account the hydrodynamics which act from all directions with the point of balance shifted closer to the handle for better handling and control.